woman-with-shiny-brunette-hairCHOCOLATE BROWN HAIR COLOR

Chocolate is the next best thing after sliced bread. Chocolate ice cream, chocolate cakes, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate muffins, chocolate scents, chocolate anything is every ladies’ sweet high. What about chocolate brown hair? Coloring your hair brown can result in an absolutely delicious outcome. However, contrary to popular belief, pulling this rich look is not always as easy at it seems. I will give you a few tips to make this exciting journey to coloring your hair easier.


You are toying with the idea of coloring your hair chocolate brown but you are worried it may result in a mega disaster. Do not despair, here is a way of knowing if this hair color is ideal for you;


Firstly, what is your skin tone? Are you Olive, pale, pink, dark skinned or have a yellow hue? Brown shades often work for people with olive and yellow hued skin. The color is likely to flatter those with warm tones more. If you are a very pale person, it would be best to steer clear of this hair color.

Secondly, what is your eye color? If you have dark brown or Hazel colored eyes, the chocolate brown hair color is likely to suit you.

Finally, if your hair is dark naturally, chocolate brown hair is also likely to look good on you.

Still not convinced? You could try on different wigs to see what the possible outcome could be. You could even tag a friend along for an honest opinion.


Chocolate Brown hair color kits are pretty simple to do-it-yourself at home. You can easily buy one from a beauty supply store and thus, do not necessarily have to go to a salon.

However, if you are not comfortable or confident to do it, i highly advise you to go to a professional. This way, the likelihood of anything going wrong is very much minimal.


You have finally had your hair colored but not sure how to wear it? Wear it anyhow! Do you want buns? Straight hair? Curly? Short? Shaggy? Go for it! You can have it any style you like. If you wind up finding it a tad too plain you could always add some spicy highlights. Auburn colours or caramel colours would be excellent highlighters to give your hair the fiery it needs.


Once you have colored your hair chocolate brown, your next step is caring for it. Although brown colored hair is often regarded as low maintenance, this does not mean you should neglect it. Once you have dyed, it is important to avoid washing or swimming within the first 48 hours. In fact, it would be better to hold out on washing your hair for longer than 48hrs. For ongoing care,you should shampoo and condition your hair with products that contain special ingredients designed for maintenance of colored hair. It is normally recommended that the shampoo and the conditioner be of the same brand as the hair color. Also avoid exposure to direct sunlight for long periods of time at a go. This is because your hair is likely to dry faster and sunlight is a bleaching agent that is damaging to the hair.

Coloring your hair is often a huge decision. Chocolate brown hair color can be easily achieved. It is subtle, yet oozes elegance. Its’ outcome can be utterly tantalizing and the new look could be rejuvenating to your esteem.
Remember, your hair is your crown. So wear it like the queen you are; nurture and care for it. After all it can only be as beautiful and healthy as you want it to be.

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